The title says it all. According to me, the "Hello World" program is one of the best programs in the world. It has introduced millions of aspiring kids and adults alike to the world of programming.

I still remember writing the Hello World program for the Borland C compiler back in the school on a screen so blue that it almost resembled the BSOD screen of Windows. It looked something like :

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
void main() {
printf("Hello World");

With sweaty hands and excitement, I hit compile and run. Sure enough, I was greeted with a pitch black screen with the text "Hello World". It wasn't much but that gave me a boost of confidence. I threw in more prints, decorative stars around the code and used loops to print pyramids.

Moving forward, reviews taught me to intend code, use meaningful variables and there was no stopping me thereafter. I would spend hours trying to make the compiler understand what I wanted. I picked up more languages as I progressed, started writing more scripts and automation tasks and now here I am, trying to recall all the fun moments I had.

If you look closely, all these would not have happened without that "Hello World" program that got me going. Now here I am, starting over my blog, hoping to go the same distance. I have archived my old Pelican blog and is available at

Why an exclusive tech blog?

Honestly, it is a little more specific. I am probably gonna be throwing in a lot of security related posts, work adventures, arch witchcraft and occasionally some fun stuff. As I mentioned earlier, I am very excited about this and I hope I will get to blog at-least once a month.

I referred to a lot of blogs trying to figure out things and with this blog, I hope to help someone who is stuck at something I have already figured out.

Platform Dilemma

This blog is running on Ghost and is self-hosted. Some of you might know that I am a sucker for self-hosted solutions. I found Pelican beautiful as well, but the editing interface of Ghost is something I could not say no to. Sorry, Pelican - nothing personal, kid.

So, until next time - keep learning and pwning hard!